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Website Design

All of our websites are designed with search engine optimization and usability in mind. Rest assured when working with Majeks Software, you will get nothing less than what you are looking for!

Website Design

Every website is created with the needs of the business first! That is not to say that we can customize it. At Majeks Software our goal is to create a clean and beautiful website that is easy to use for all of your customers!

Branding & Logo

Is your business still fresh and you need a logo? We can help! Our team of creatives will help you create a professional logo that best represents your business or organization!

Content Strategy and SEO

Branding your business is half the battle! Portaying it in a way that your customers will find it and be interested is another. With years of Search Engine Optimization and Social Marketing Experience, exposing your website to your customers will be easier than ever!

Personal Branding

Understanding where you want your business to fit in is half the battle. At Majeks Software, we work with you to define your brand, help you better reach your clients and make your website feel unique!

Built From Scratch

Don’t want your website to look like every other website on the internet? Ask about our custom website build from the ground up. It make take longer, but perfection is always what prevails!

Choose a Premade Template

Need something quick and cost effecient to get the job done and want it now? Ask about our Templated websites, where we can get you up and running in as quick as 3-days!

Maintenance & Updates

Our goal is help you everystep of the way. Along with website design and implementation, we also offer hosting, updating and maintence so that your website is working at its best 100% of the time!

My Process


Building your perfect Website starts with and Idea. At Majeks Software, we work with you to help you define your brand and emphasize the things that make your Business Unique!


Finding the layout that will best fit your clientelle is crucial to keeping you customer on your website. First by optimizing the flow then adding your own flavor to each page.


Within Defining and Designing out of the way, it is time to Refine! We will make your website unique by working out the fine details till it is just the way your want it!


The time has come and your website is ready to be explored. We will walk you through every step of the launching process so that way you are ready for what ever is to come!

Website Redesign

Create Your Business Website

We build better websites. With years of experience in UX and UI design and team of professional ready to work with you, your dream online business is right around the corner! Choose from our templated designed or Custom ‘Ground-Up’ website to make sure your needs are met!

Develop Your Brand

Market Your self With a Portfolio Website

Not looking for an extravegent website and trying to start small by branding your self? Invest ina Portfolio Website. Highlight your achievements, goals, and broadcast it to the rest of the world!

Website Design

Social Media Marketing

Just started your website, but you need to get more traffic there. We at Majeks Software excel at social media marketing and management. Reach a wider demographic faster with advertising, engaging video content or reach a new audience all togehter!

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